Lagos State Coconut Development Authority is a parastatal of the State’ Ministry of Agriculture that was established by Lagos State Executive Council Order, on Wednesday, 15th May, 1996.

The decision to create the Agency was informed by the fact that Coconut is the main cash crop of Lagos State and also, the State has comparative advantage for its production, processing and utilization.

As such, Coconut was thereby excised from other tree crops in the State so as to give it more attention among other things. LASCODA eventually started operations as a pilot scheme in 1998.

The mandate covers the entire State, specifically Coconut Belt and Grooves along the Coastal, Riverine/ creeks as well as upland for production, processing and commercialization with a bid to ensure sustainable Coconut promotion activities. The rehabilitation of Coconut belt and groove of Lagos State measuring 180km², inhabiting over 10,000 farming families is among top priorities.


To evolve a coconut sub-sector with feasible achievable goals and benefits, capable of competing favorably with other coconut driven economies


To promote sustainable Coconut production, utilization and commercialization in Lagos State.


The Agency is headed by the General Manager who administers through the existing underlined departments:

       I.            Technical Services(Cultivation and Seedling Production)

     II.            Industrial and Agro-processing Services

  III.            Commercial and Product Development Services

  IV.            Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

    V.            Finance and Account

  VI.            Administration and Human Resources

Since inception, the Agency has been involved in collaborative efforts with private and public institutions relevant to her mandate.

Supports are also being provided from time to time to Coconut farmers/growers, marketers, processors, youths and all other value chain actors in terms of empowerment, training, capacity building, exchange program linkage and related services.